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Version 2018 R3: A handful of useful enhancements

[ 2018-11-06 ]

This release adds various enhancements such as password hiding in verbose logs, support for HTTP request cancelation or 'fsync' SFTP extension.

Version 2018 R2.1: Maintenance release

[ 2018-09-11 ]

This is a maintenance release with enhancements and bugfixes.

Version 2018 R2: Support for .NET Core on macOS

[ 2018-07-03 ]

Finally, all Rebex components support .NET Core 2.x on macOS. This means that all .NET Core platforms are supported now.

Version 2018 R1.1: Support for .NET Core on Linux

[ 2018-05-10 ]

All Rebex component now support .NET Core 2.0 (or higher) on Linux.

Version 2018 R1: AES/GCM ciphers in SSH client and many enhancements

[ 2018-04-05 ]

This release brings many bugfixes and enhancements in ZIP and File Server. It also adds AES/GCM and ETM ciphers to Rebex SFTP and Terminal Emulation.

Support Contract renewal policy change

[ 2018-02-09 ]

Renewal discount for long expired support contracts will no longer be available. This affects contracts that have been expired for more than a year.

Version 2017 R6.3: Enhanced RSA/OAEP and RSA/PSS support

[ 2018-01-11 ]

This release adds support for RSA/OAEP with label. RSA/OAEP and RSA/PSS with mismatched hash algorithms are supported as well.

Version 2017 R6.2: On-the-fly uploads and fixed session cache in HTTP

[ 2018-01-11 ]

Fixed HTTP session cache in HTTPS component and added support for on-the-fly uploads. AES made faster on Windows.

Version 2017 R6.1: Remote file system info in SFTP, support for CNG on .NET CF 3.9

[ 2017-11-29 ]

In addition to several enhancements, this release adds Sftp.GetFileSystemInfo method and support for MS CNG API on Windows Embedded Compact 2013.

Version 2017 R6: AES/GCM in TLS, RSA/PSS and RSA/OAEP in S/MIME

[ 2017-10-31 ]

This release adds AES/GCM support to TLS. It also adds RSASSA-PSS and RSAES-OAEP support to S/MIME (Secure Mail).

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